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Hurtful words,From my enemies of the last five years,What's it like to die alone

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I'm Elisa.

Loves:Avril Lavigne.30 Seconds to mars.Escape the Fate.ECHELON.Music.Graphics.concerts.Friends.Family.Animals.Fall out boy.underoath.My chemical romance.the academy is.Max Green.Ronnie Radke.Jared Leto.Gerard Way.Criss Angel.swimming.Edward Scissorhands.Tim Burton.Jack Skellington.Being Random.Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends.

Hates:School.Posers.Racists.Bubble Gum pop.Paris Hilton.Mean people.Cheesy horror movies.Backstabbers.being bothered.labeling.ignorant people.I guess I'm a love and hate type of person.Want to know more?Talk to me.

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30 seconds to mars, 30stm, aaron gillespie, afi, aiden, alternative, amy lee, art, audrey kitching, avenged sevenfold, avril and deryck, avril lavigne, bands, banners, behind crimson eyes, billy talent, black eyeliner, black skirts, blink 182, blood, bryan money, bullet for my valentine, clandestine industries, cobra starship, concerts, converse, criss angel, dane cook, edward scissorhands, emo, escape the fate, evanescence, fall out boy, flyleaf, frank iero, friends, from first to last, gerard way, good charlotte, graphic design, graphics, green day, guitar hero, hannabeth, hardcore, heavy metal, horror movies, hot emo guys., hot topic, icon tutorials, icons, internet, jac vanek, jack and sally, jared leto, kc blazers, lacey mosely, lacey mosley, let go, lip rings, lostprophets, makeup, matt good, max green, mean girls, mikey way, mindfreak, movies, music, my chemical romance, nail polish, nightmare before christmas, omar espinosa, orange chicken, paint shop pro 9, painting, panic! at the disco, patrick stump, penguins, pete wentz, photos, pictures, poetry, ps2, random jokes, ray toro, red and black, red jumpsuit apparatus, rise against, robert ortiz, rock, rock music, rocking out, ronnie radke, ryan ross, scary kids scaring kids, scene queens, screamo, shannon leto, silverstein, skateboards, skulls, sleeping, socks, sonny moore, spencer chaimberlain, stickers, straight edge, studded belts, stuffed animals, sum 41, swimming, sxe, synyster gates, taking back sunday, the academy is..., the acb's, the almost, the black parade, the killers, the red jumpsuit apparatus, the red jumpsuit apperatus, the used, three days grace, tim burton, tomo milicevic, tony hawk, trashy life, under my skin, underoath, user info tables, vampires, video games, wallpapers, wayne and garth, wayne's world, website design, william beckett, zacky vengeance, zui suicide